• Top 2021 Cybersecurity Trends and Threat Predictions
    By T.J. Minichillo and Celine Gravelines Cybersecurity, like life itself, underwent cataclysmic changes as COVID-19 spread around the world during 2020. Millions of employees everywhere were suddenly working from home remotely, stretching network perimeters far beyond their organization’s headquarters. To stay afloat amid the economic downturn while supporting their distributed workforce, many organizations had to […]
  • Top 5 Tips for Staying Ahead of Cyber Criminals During Heightened COVID-19 Workforce Attacks
    Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence Expert Says Businesses Can Protect Data Simply and Affordably  By T.J. Minichillo. As the pandemic reshapes where and how we work, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) through enterprise-level face incredibly tough decisions around business continuity and staying afloat financially.  Cyber attacks may seem like a distant worry, but studies show that bad actors are taking even […]
  • Rigidity is Detrimental to Your Security Architecture: The Principle of Nimble & Elastic Flexibility
    By Elliot Lewis. Your security strategy need to be NIMBLE, ELASTIC and FLEXIBLE or you will not be able to deal with the inevitable security incidents that will arise despite your best laid plans and designs. No environment stays static over time – and therefore no threat model is a constant model. Any security architecture, and the […]
  • How To Know When Your Security Is Going Stale: The Principle of Mitigation Effectiveness
    By Elliot Lewis. You can keep your security at a “state of the art’ level despite the ever-changing and advancing world of IT solutions by using the techniques of Mitigation Effectiveness analysis. In my last article, about the Principle of Imminent Obsolescence, I discussed how any given security mitigation can, and will, eventually go obsolete based […]
  • Confidence in Your IT Security Shouldn’t Last Forever: The Principle of Imminent Obsolescence
    By Elliot Lewis. WHAT IS IMMINENT OBSOLESCENCE? If you are running a business in today’s world of almost constant technology change—your security mitigations will eventually become more ineffectual for you over time unless you are watching for Imminent Obsolescence. Technology is constantly evolving—and security tools need to constantly evolve with it. When vendors engineer their solutions—those solutions […]