Desktop Client & Microsoft 365

Keyavi Desktop Client

“The technology that Keyavi is bringing to market is absolutely game changing. It is very important that we protect our data wherever it is and wherever it is operating.

— Fortune 100 Head of Information Technology

The Only Cybersecurity Solution Protecting at the Data Level

Keyavi’s innovative data protection products give data owners back full control of their data, regardless of where the data is located or who has it. While other cybersecurity technologies are overly focused on either data loss protection or breach detection in an attempt to contain data, Keyavi protection lets data be shared freely and still be protected. Should an unauthorized user try to gain access or steal data without appropriate permissions, the data self-protects, much like a “Mission Impossible” message.

In the real world, organizations cannot run their business effectively by containing data – it must be shared across platforms and applications, locations and devices to bring business value. Keyavi removes these limitations by giving you complete control over who can access your data, when and where and on what devices – even after it leaves your possession.

Unlike any other solution on the market, Keyavi wraps and infuses data with multiple independent encryption layers, so no single layer can be compromised without triggering protection mechanisms in the surrounding layers. The data can only be accessed when all of its owners’ permission parameters are met. These can be tailored to each owner’s desired policy settings, so you can default open or default closed . An owner can allow or prevent access by geolocation, such as company site, home office, or remote workforce location, or at a street, state or country level. An owner can choose to change access permissions or revoke access completely from any or all recipients at any time – for the life of the file, wherever it is stored — by simply changing permissions from their desktop or smart device with the push of a button.

Additional Security Controls

While Keyavi protects the data, we never access, store or intercept customer data in any way. The product is designed utilizing industry accepted standards including CryptoAPI and is compliant with FIPS-140-2 for NIST. The product’s forensic reporting capabilities include possession, custody and control logging, as well as documenting all access attempts on Keyavi-provisioned systems, whether or not successful, logging all policy-based forensics, creating a “chain of custody” control for its owners. No content is accessible whatsoever by any unauthorized users.

The product also allows owners to restrict access by groups of users and start and end time periods, and to change those parameters immediately upon business need. If a user is trying to access data without connectivity, a “default safe and closed” or “default safe and open” policy can be applied including conditional time windows or geolocation allowances, say for traveling executives and other team members.

“Static controls and rigid containment solutions have not worked because data, systems, devices, cloud, and the internet are all too dynamic to be completely predictable. Data needs the ability to assess its security on demand so that it can remain secure whether it’s shared on a cloud storage service or USB device, or being sent via Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or within a desktop application or mobile app.

Application Suite, Mobile Apps & API

Keyavi’s application suites include newly released support for Microsoft 365 applications and other similar vertical applications on Windows, MacOS and Android/phone OS and are available directly from Keyavi Data, through Google Play™, the Apple® store and the Microsoft® store. With the Keyavi API for enterprise customers and OEM partners, developers can build comprehensive protection into their proprietary applications, products, firmware and services. The lightweight API allows developers to integrate protection into a company’s existing applications and data workflow within the client, server, gateway or cloud to be powered by Keyavi.

Complete Visibility into Your Data Forensics

Our dependable, automated common content classification has been honed for nearly 15 years. It identifies sensitive information across data in motion or at rest, and spans email, cloud and on-premises file shares. And you can easily comply with data protection rules across a range of industries, such as HIPAA, GDPR and more with our built-in templates and detection techniques. These include dictionaries, regex, Smart IDs, proximity matching, exact data matching, metadata tagging and file fingerprinting.

  • Platform- & Transport-Agnostic: Embeds into the data itself, completely independent of any delivery method
  • On-the-Fly Policy Editing: Implements owner’s policy changes, including authorized users and devices, time periods and geolocation every time the data is accessed
  • Chain-of-Custody & Compliance Reporting: Captures and records access attempts through the service with unique user and device information and geolocation
  • Advanced Embedded Data Protection: Patented, multi-key encryption technology protects data anywhere it goes for any length of time
  • FIPS 140-2 Certified for NIST: Certified encryption for work with the US government, contractors, and service providers