API Technology

In today’s modern development environments, software moves fast.

Your data security needs to move just as fast. Build comprehensive data protection directly in your applications, products, and services with the Keyavi lightweight API.

Keyavi Data’s API can be integrated into enterprise applications, and a powerful command line interface can be leveraged to automate intelligent data protections. Keyavi makes it as easy as a mouse click to maintain control over the security of data no matter where it goes or how it travels.

“This is a game-changing API with extremely broad applications requiring minimal effort to deploy.” 

— Fortune 100 VP of Product  

80% of enterprise data is unstructured (e.g. email, Word documents) and located across collaboration platforms, network shared drives and cloud storage. Keyavi allows your organization to not only secure unstructured data where it resides now – but also wherever it goes, including internal endpoints, as well as when shared with external partners or vendors. 

Your organization can now secure a multitude of file types and maintain security inside and outside of your environment.  Integrate data protection into your existing applications and data workflows within your client, server, gateway or cloud – making your data self-aware and self-protecting.

Protect your data with highly secured encryption algorithms, ensuring that only those authorized to see the data on authorized devices can do so. Confidently know what recipients can do with the data is only what you permit in the policy. With Keyavi protection enabled, your confidential data is protected from unauthorized access – limiting how long the recipients can access that data and what they can do with it. 

Keyavi enables enterprises to confidently and securely maintain ownership and control over the sharing of their data. 


Developers can build comprehensive Keyavi data protection into their applications, products, firmware and services.  The lightweight API integrates data protection into a company’s existing applications and data workflow within the client, server, gateway or cloud. Contact Sales for more information.